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Sunday Worship Options
8:30am ~ Ukulele Choruses & Contemporary Worship
10:00am ~ Traditional Worship
We are only able to offer Children’s Ministry
on Sunday at 10:00am at this time.

Wednesday Night Contemporary Worship: 6:45pm

Pastor Greg typically delivers his Bible teaching in a message series style. Rather than switch topics every week, he usually spends about four-eight weeks on a given topic. This allows him to go into much greater depth and helps us more fully understand everything the Scripture has to teach us.

Pastor Greg’s Current Teaching Series
January 4 – February 24, 2019

The New Year is a good time to think about new starts and new paths. After all, we have the whole past year of data to consider and analyze. What worked for us and what didn’t? What went well and what went poorly? What served our best interests and what sabotaged our goals and dreams? Sometimes, the best thing to do is hit the RESET button and start from scratch. Start drawing on a blank slate again. Just drop everything and then only pick back up what God tells us to. It can be life-changing for individuals and for churches as well. In January and February, Pastor G is going to be challenging us to take the step of hitting the RESET button on both our personal lives as well as the life of Waikoloa Community Church. We’ll be taking a deeper look at how the first church in Jerusalem operated and also reminiscing about how Waikoloa Community Church got its start. Sometimes, to move boldly into the future, we have to RESET and go back to the beginning.