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Worship services take place at 8:30am and 10:00am every Sunday.

Pastor Greg typically delivers his Bible teaching in a message series style. Rather than switch topics every week, he usually spends about four weeks on a given topic. This allows him to go into much greater depth and helps us more fully understand everything the Scripture has to teach us.

Pastor Greg’s Current Teaching Series
THE ROAD AHEAD: Navigating the Future God’s Way
A Four Week Message Series
July 1, 2018  ~ July29


We all want to know what to expect on the road ahead, how to safely and successfully navigate our way through life. Of course, one of the weaknesses of human beings is that we can’t see very far down the road of our own life no matter how hard we try. The road rises and falls, it turns corners, we go through tunnels, over bridges, we change elevation, we encounter detours, occasional accidents occur. We can’t see that far even when it is a super straight and level road ahead. We are limited in our human capacity to know, predict or even guess at the future with much accuracy. Pastor Greg shares Seven Biblical Principles for knowing how to make the right decisions on the road ahead. Then he talks about how to deal with detours, traffic jams, wrong turns and crashes that occur on the road ahead.