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Sunday Worship Options
8:30am ~ Ukulele Choruses and Contemporary/ModernWorship
10:00am ~ Traditional Worship
We are only able to offer Children’s Ministry
at the Sunday 10:00am at this time.

Wednesday Night Contemporary Worship: 6:45pm

Pastor Greg typically delivers his Bible teaching in a message series style. Rather than switch topics every week, he usually spends about four-eight weeks on a given topic. This allows him to go into much greater depth and helps us more fully understand everything the Scripture has to teach us.

Pastor Greg’s Current Teaching Series
Mauna: Teaching From The Sermon On The Mount
November 4, 2018  ~ December 16, 2018

The fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Matthew’s Gospel are known, collectively, as “The Sermon on the Mount!” It has been called “The Greatest Sermon of All Time!” The teaching is also very similar to what is referred to as “The Sermon on the Plain” in Luke 6:17-49. Scholars agree that this indicates these were common teachings and themes that Jesus spoke of frequently from place to place. Anything Jesus felt was important enough to repeat clearly deserves some deep study and application on our part. The Sermon on the Mount and The Sermon on the Plain form a short Discipleship 101 course for us. What are the basics of what it means to truly be a fully devoted follower of Jesus? What should we do? How should we speak? How should we act? How should we treat others? What should our motives be? In November and December, Pastor G will take seven weeks to dig deep into these incredibly important teachings of Jesus in his new message series: MAUNA: Teachings from the Sermon on the Mount.