Sunday Worship Options
8:30am ~ Ukulele and Contemporary Worship
10:00am ~ Traditional Worship
We are only able to offer Children’s Ministry
at the Sunday 10:00am at this time.

Wednesday Night Contemporary Worship: 6:45pm

Pastor Greg typically delivers his Bible teaching in a message series style. Rather than switch topics every week, he usually spends about four-eight weeks on a given topic. This allows him to go into much greater depth and helps us more fully understand everything the Scripture has to teach us.

Pastor Greg’s Current Teaching Series
October 7, 2018  ~ October 28, 2018

Have you seen the car stickers that say “HE>i”? They are produced by a Christian-owned company on O’ahu that also sells clothing with the logo on it. It means He (Jesus) is greater than i and they tell us the inspiration came from John 3:30. That’s where John the Baptist told his disciples to stop following him and start following Jesus. John said of Jesus: “He must increase and I must decrease.” In other words, “HE>i”. Early in the narrative, John as says of Jesus “He is greater than I.” In October, Pastor G is going to talking about just a few of the ways that statement is true when it comes to his life and his hope is that it will inspire you to consider the same thing in your life as well.