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Children’s Ministry only offered at Sunday 10:00am at this time.

Pastor Greg typically delivers his Bible teaching in a message series style. Rather than switch topics every week, he usually spends about four-eight weeks on a given topic. This allows him to go into much greater depth and helps us more fully understand everything the Scripture has to teach us.

Pastor Greg’s Current Teaching Series
The Gospel: According To John
August 5, 2018  ~ September 30, 2018


Hawaii is one of the, if not the, toughest mission fields in the United States. Missions organizations tell us seventy percent of the people in Hawaii are unchurched. On top of that, we have competition from many other world religions and especially from the many people who have embraced atheism. Most people here really know very little about Jesus, Christianity or church life. What they do know has been tainted by negative media reports and misinformation campaigns by atheists. With all that going against us, personal evangelism, spreading the Gospel and growing a church in Waikoloa Village seems like an impossible mission. Yet, even with all those organized attacks on Churches, Christianity and Jesus, studies show ninety-six percent of the unchurched here are at least somewhat likely to attend church if they are simply invited by a trusted friend or family member. If we share the Gospel message, some of them will come. In August and September, Pastor Greg is going to show us why personal evangelism and growing our church is NOT an impossible mission for us. Instead, it is MISSION: POSSIBLE!