JUST JESUS ~ Week 42 ~ Matthew ~ Part 40

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SERIES OVERVIEW Springboarding off of the Apostle Paul’s life focus, clearly expressed in 1 Corinthians 2:2, Pastor Greg launched an “open-ended” message series on January 12th, 2020 – focusing on “Just Jesus.” He is walking us through the entire New Testament, pulling passages from the Old Testament for context, and keep us focused throughout the year on “Just Jesus.” This …

Waikoloa Community Church Mauna Series Week Five Graphic

Mauna ~ (Week 5 of 7) ~ Don’t Judge!

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SERIES OVERVIEW The fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Matthew’s Gospel are known, collectively, as “The Sermon on the Mount!” It has been called “The Greatest Sermon of All Time!” The teaching is very similar to Luke 6:17-49 which is referred to as “The Sermon on the Plain”. Scholars agree that this indicates these were common teachings and themes that …

He Is Greater Than I ~ Week 2 Graphic

He Is Greater Than i ~ (2 of 4) ~ Guilt and Shame

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MESSAGE OVERVIEW Have you seen the car stickers that say “HE>i”? They are produced by a Christian-owned company on O’ahu that also sells clothing with the logo on it. It means “He (Jesus) is greater than i” and it is based on John 3:30. That’s where John the Baptist told his disciples to stop following him and start following Jesus. John …

Mission Possible Week Five Graphic

Mission Possible ~ (5 of 8) ~ No Condemnation

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MESSAGE OVERVIEW In this negative and jaded world we live in, it sometimes feels like Mission: Impossible to try to spread the Good News of God’s love and guidance for the human beings He created. It seems many people have already written off the possibility of God and have an image of Him, and His followers, that isn’t really accurate. …