Main Graphic the second message of the Legendary Series - Moshe

Legendary ~ (2 of 6) ~ Moshe ~ Moses

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OVERVIEW OF SERIES As you know, all great superheroes have fantastic “Origin Stories!” An Origin Story shows how they went from unknown to unforgettable! During this series, in addition to taking a deeper look at six great legendary heroes of the Old Testament, Pastor Greg will also show us another BIG TRUTH! God has wired every single one of US …

Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments ~ 5 of 10 ~ Shavu’ot

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This week’s message is on the fourth the the seven Feasts of the Lord. Shavu’ot, also known as Pentecost, was the day God first descended onto Mount Sinai in the sight of the Israelites and when He first spoke aloud to them to deliver the Ten Commandments. Greg shows us that Shavu’ot has always represented a betrothal between the great …