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  1. Greg, you message about Akua was life giving. I work as admin at a church in British Columbia, Canada. A friend pointed me to your newsletter as I am always on the lookout for how other churches are reaching into the community at this time. He newsletter spoke of community, and outreach. It spoke of truly being grounded in Jesus, and led me to check out your resources online. I love the word blogs and the Wednesday worship. It was a worship of words in devotion to our God. Just what I needed today. I look forward to following your newsletters and being inspired by scriptures you highlight and the message God gives through you. Maybe some day I will get there in person.

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      Mahalo for your kind and uplifting words Pearl. I’m so glad this message resonated with you today. We would love to welcome you in the future. Stay well in BC. Aloha ke Kristo. Pastor Greg

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