Wednesday Night Worship

“NEW SONG  ~  Wednesdays at 6:45pm

This worship experience embraces the many excellent modern worship music song that have been written in recent years. All of the songs we sing at “New Song” have been written since 2000 and most of them since 2010. Pastor Greg does not give a message at these Wednesday night experiences like he does on Sunday mornings. He just focuses on leading us in a time of musical praise, worship and prayer.

We sing a combination of
slow, soft, contemplative, prayerful songs
and high energy, fast-paced, celebration songs!

We typically open in prayer, then sing 8-10 worship songs, interspersed with brief prayer times between some of the songs and then close in prayer.


Our hope is that perhaps this might also eventually grow to include a shared fellowship meal each week with participants before the worship begins. If enough people show interest that will take place from 6:00-6:45 before the worship begins. 

It is also our hope that one day enough people will attend this worship experience to grow it into a full service with Pastor Greg preaching a different message than he does on Sunday mornings.

It is also our hope that some new Aloha Groups (Small Group Ministry) will be birthed out of this ministry approach.

Some of our long-term goals for this ministry are that we will:
(1) Attract a group of new people from our community who are longing for this type of modern worship.
(2) Attract some musicians and singers who can play these songs with live instruments. We currently use accompaniment tracks.
(3) Eventually grow this into a full-blown worship experience, including a pastoral message and children/youth ministries each week that will hopefully attract many new young families to our congregation.
(4) See this grow into a weekly fellowship meal as well.
(5) See several new Aloha Groups would be birthed from people participating in the experience.

Interested in attending? PLEASE JOIN US and BRING A FRIEND!
Have questions? Let us know. 
Please help us spread the word and invite everyone you can.

Some examples of the worship music we will be including are below:

Sunday Worship Options:
Modern Worship Experience 9:00am
Traditional Worship Experience ~ 10:30am